I soon found out that

field work is one of my passions.

I have done field work with many reptiles and amphibians in various different places, and with diverse scientific purposes.


I climbed mountains in Pyrenees for a study with Podarcis muralis coloration, and I endured the desert conditions in the Australian outback to collect Egernia stokesii and Tiliqua rugosa. I was 12 days without having a shower in the vibrating Morocco to collect genetic and geographic data on all sorts of herpetofauna. I paddled a canoe during the night in search of Intellagama lesueurii in Sydney, and went to South Australia for a field study on the social Egernia striolata. I cruised around the Greek islands as field assistant for a project involving Podarcis ehrardii colouration, working in big and small islands, and even on a volcano.

Besides these amazing field works, I have also conducted expeditions for my own projects through Portugal, Spain, and Morocco.